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Capricorn - ( 12/22-1/19 )
You overcome protests, obstacles in connection with proposed journey.  No “left behind” for you, you are going to be included!  Toward end of week love and affection return.  Hugs all around!

Aquarius - ( 1/20-2/18 )
Music will be in your life; you have sing along.  Not everyone thinks you can sing though!  Turn down 2nd helpings of dessert; remember health resolutions.  Libra involved.

Pisces - ( 2/19-3/20 )
Traffic whirls around you, causing blend of anger and confusion.  Avoid this situation!  Get help!  Pisces has your number and knows it.  Slow!

Aries - ( 3/21-4/19 )
Focus on fun and exploration.  Don't fight with one in authority.  You win by being charming and begging.  It will work!  Capricorn plays role of leader.

Taurus - ( 4/20-5/20 )
Strive for universal appeal - means don't be stubborn in any way.  One who understands this about you befriends you, will teach and love.  Aries plays fascinating role.

Gemini - ( 5/21-6/21 )
Let go of sad feelings.  Emphasize your original style; make fresh start in new direction.  Land issue directly involves you and could give you more space.  Leo figures prominently.

Cancer - ( 6/22-7/22 )
Family member attempts to make you feel good and means it when saying, "I love you!"  Questions arise concerning playtime.  Home life will be good!

Leo - ( 7/23-8/22 )
You are closing in on big reward.  Some try to discourage you, but don't stop now.  It is time for you to enjoy!  Cycle moves up; you will be at right place at crucial moment.

Virgo - ( 8/23-9/22 )
Cycle high; you do the right thing without being told how; you do it almost effortlessly.  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio individuals play roles, will be in your corner.  Everyone loves a "smart pal" and that's you!

Libra - ( 9/23-10/22 )
Learn by watching and listening.  Short trip in scenario, could involve journey to another town.  You will have fun!  Gemini plays significant role.

Scorpio - ( 10/23-11/21 )
If charming, you win.  By attempting to force issues or use muscle, you lose.  Choice is your own.  Change of mind will be featured, and it works in your favor!

Sagittarius - ( 10/23-11/21 )
Don't feel you are in a race - time is on your side; don't rush into accidents.  Focus on listening, relaxing and time to yourself.  Intuition is great, trust it!


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