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Off-Leash Dog Areas in Winnipeg

"Fields for Fido", Winnipeg's off-leash dog areas are available to Winnipeg dog owners. Eleven sites have been selected in Winnipeg parks and public spaces where dog owners can let their pets socialize and exercise off-leash in a safe environment.

Please note that dog owners are required to pick up after their dog, and all dogs must be properly licensed to use these sites. Owners must have full voice control over their dogs. Complete rules of usage are posted at each site. For dog licenses, please call 311. Sites are listed and shown below. For further information, please call 311.


Site Locations:

1. Little Mountain Park
Large open area at the north/west corner of park @ Klimpke Road and Farmer

2. Kil-Cona Park

East of parking lot off McIvor on the hill

3. King's Park
north east of retention pond

4. Maple Grove Park
North area of park

5. Mazenod Park/Retention Park
Area surrounding retention pond bounded by Mazenod Road, Camiel Sys Street and Beghin Street

6. Bourkevale Park
Area south of dike, along riverbank

7. Westview Park
Entire park is an off-leash area

8. Sturgeon Road & Silver Avenue-TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Northeast area

9. Woodsworth Park

area just north of parking lot


A. Brenda Leipsic Park-vacant land between Hurst way and Planet St. (not listed on map)

B. Charleswood Dog Park (formerly Charleswood Golf Course) Grant and Moray intersection (not listed on map)

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